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Force Ives

Force Ives: 2spooky

A tense, restricted top-down zombie shooter.

Force Ives: Swingy Swangle

WASD to move, Space to jump. Make sure to jump up at the branches! I won’t tell you what I’m trying to evoke; hopefully you can figure it out!   Didn’t want to beat you over the head with the concept, so abstract models and sound effects are go!

Force Ives: Jumptowne USA

Hey guys! Jump with Space, switch with 1 and 2, move with arrow keys. Shift for turbo when you’re a robot! Just press enter to get started.

Force Ives: Charge Shot!

Click and hold to charge your shot, but watch out! Too much charging and you’ll sputter out! Actually, though, do overcharge at least once because the motion is loopy. Interrupting the motion ZAPS the ball awake so you can charge again!