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Vander Onasi

Final Presentation Post (Dragon in Distress)

Jump and hop to the top, find your wings and never stop

Game Log 11/25 — Final Playtesting Build (Dragon in Distress)

Game Update Post

Game Log 11/18 — Beta Build (Dragon in Distress)

Game Update Post

Game Log 11/11 (Dragon in Distress)

Game Update Post

Game Log 11/4 – Alpha Build (Dragon in Distress)

Alpha Build Post

Game Design (Dragon in Distress)

Design Game Plan The player takes on the role of an adorably awesome baby dragon, who hasn’t fully developed her wings. The dragon wishes to ascend an ancient tower to obtain the pearl of wisdom left by her mother at its peak. She can navigate the tower by either jumping directly up into the air, […]

Game Pitch (Dragon in Distress)

Pitch PowerPoint The Game Name: Dragon in Distress   The Group Members: vander – Level Design Lead falconette – Visual Design Lead asuna – Programming Lead   The Group Roles: Each group member will contribute something to each role, but one group member will be responsible for leading and ensuring the success of a specific […]

vander: Draggin’ It All Together (Project 4)

Some dragons–those that are aficionados of architectural artistry–work for the mayor of our town.

vander: Dry as the Desert (Project 3)

For Project 3 I chose to design a Meerkat with the Dreamy adjective. A dreamy meerkat is not a well-defined phenomenon, so I chose to take a specific angle–a Meerkat in the desert dreaming of water. To create a Meerkat feeling, the avatar stands upright like a meerkat and has small feet, long arms, and […]

vander:Project 2