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Project 4

Project 4

Team Jumpster: Game Pitch

Game Name Kitty Stalker Group Members flanne: Art/Sound Design/Programming sethsteckler: Level Designer/Team Manager/Programming Game Description: You will play as a ninja kitty in a 2d action/stealth puzzle platformer. The game will feature a light/dark mode mechanic where you can toggle between modes to reveal certain platforms. The light/dark mechanic will also reveal/stealth yourself, so you […]

Monkey P4: Fireball

This is a simple 3D game with keywords: enemy and attack.

milonti p4: Reality Flux

Play as a fledgling mage, toying with the laws of reality!

kyoo: Escape the Prison

Game Description Kevin did not have any guilt to stay in the jail. Devil just put him in the jail and make him so sad. One day he decide to escape the jail. However this is not easy! A lot of Prison Officers guard the jail to prevent prisoners escape the jail. Also there are […]

xxie37: Defend Your Island