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Group Members: https://github.blairmacintyre.me/site-archive/cs4455f13/author/dbyassmith/ In charge of the overworld https://github.blairmacintyre.me/site-archive/cs4455f13/author/jtyson3/ In charge of the underworld https://github.blairmacintyre.me/site-archive/cs4455f13/author/defenfo/ Art assets & design, but still involved in the coding where applicable. Overview: – The main character is trapped in a collapsing galaxy and must travel from planet to planet collecting dark matter in order to save the universe. -The […]

P4 Track on Back

“Track on Back” A little whatsit wearing a mushroom hat runs down a corridor-shaped level and beats up monsters and bounces on magic springboards and carries around cool things that it finds. As he walks forward, sometimes the door to his house will appear (a feature not yet implemented), which he can enter and store […]

A Happy-Go-Lucky Shark

Wow! There’s people! On the beaches! Beautiful, handsome, green… people! This shark’s so giddy it could jump for joy and that’s exactly what it’s going to do. Not even dry land can bring this shark down. Nossir, not on a day like this. Let’s go greet the company.

project 1 repost

reposting my project 1

Project 2

A funky hopping elf and a stodgy sliding robot are visiting the magical woods. Elfy-boy is much better at accelerating and jumping than the robo is, but the robot’s slow sliding gait sure has more dignity.

Woggly Fishersen

You’re underwater and you’re a roboty fish. The way you wiggle around is pretty cool. The most interesting thing is that it reverts to its’ original rotation after movement. The sound is terrifying because you, the fish, appear to be having a bad day.