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Candy Eater: A Bouncing Blob Puzzle Game

This game is a bouncing 2d puzzle game where the player clicks to select a destination and holds down the mouse button to control how high the blob bounces with the goal of collecting all the candy in the least amount of time.

P3 – Baby Monkey Riding backwards on a Pig by sirnightfury

For this submission I chose to create a scared monkey. The monkey is scared because he is riding backwards on a pig. When the pig is on the ground or running, the monkey slides backwards and forwards on the monkey as if off balence. Also the monkey frantically waves his hands back and forth in […]

sirnightfury’s p2 submission

For this submission i created the different feel for the two different modes with background, movement, and sound effects. For the elf-like movement, the avatar moves quickly, jumps high, and has jittering motions as it moves around. The background is a woodlands scene (the quality is low to keep the size down) and the sound […]

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