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Angry Cuttlefish

There ain’t nothing cuttle-y about it.

And She’s Back for Revenge

In our presentation, we plan on discussing (1) How we changed our plans: Ultimately we decided on only doing an endless runner instead of a game with multiple levels, so we could focus more on the polish and gamefeel for 30 seconds of engaging gameplay and full rage mode. (2) What we learned: We realized […]

Angry Cuttlefish Final Playtest


11/25/13 Updates


Angry Cuttlefish Beta Build

Angry Cuttlefish is back for more revenge!

Weekly update 11/11


Alpha: Angry Cuttlefish

The game is certainly looking nicer.

Week 1 Updates (through 10/25)

In this week we hoped to accomplish the following tasks: X-Procedural System Implemented X-Running Enemy A.I. Finished X-Police Enemy A.I. Finished (Knocks into player to calm them down) X-Rage State Finished X-Teapot fish art concepts O-Police fish art concepts O-Coral art concepts X-Cuttlefish art O-Cuttlefish movements Tasks we accomplished that were not on the schedule: […]

Design Doc

Description: Player controls a Cuttlefish who has just had her tea party ruined by ingrateful guests, and has gone on a warpath to show them the error of their ways. Permanently. Player uses arrow keys to move the cuttlefish, and space to shoot out their ink/weapon. Additionally, there exists a rage meter that raises the […]

Angry Cuttlefish Pitch

Presentation: LINK Group Members: knight2rook (https://github.blairmacintyre.me/site-archive/cs4455f13/author/knight2rook/) – Game Architect and Coding speedball (https://github.blairmacintyre.me/site-archive/cs4455f13/author/speedball/) – Coding, Meeting Minutes and Documents mbradley36 (https://github.blairmacintyre.me/site-archive/cs4455f13/author/mbradley36/) – Coding, Art/Design, Turn ins Title: Angry Cuttlefish Target Experience: “Undersea Arcade Gunner Slaughterfest” Gameplay Concept: You play as a cuttlefish attempting to destroy all other undersea life (except other cuttlefishes) to fuel her […]