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Collecting Apples

Help the farmer collect apples from the trees as they are falling!

Groose: Stumpy Yeti in Winter Wonderland

Play as the happy, stumpy yeti as he swims through the snow in his winter wonderland! W, A, S, D keys are for movement Space is for jumping Have fun!

Groose: Link and Groose in Hyrule

Play as Link and Groose as you attempt to conquer the ledges of Hyrule Castle! Link is a quick character with plenty of energy, so he bounds as he swiftly moves across the map. Groose, on the other hand, is a big guy who waddles around while trying to keep up. Press “A” to go […]

Groose: THWG

Because football season is rapidly approaching, it felt very fitting to have buzz stinging some bulldogs. The game shows buzz “buzzing” around and when the screen is clicked, he will swiftly swarm to that location. If buzz passes through the bulldog, he’ll sting it and continue forward.   Have fun and go Jackets!