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Gravity: Final Post

Final posting for Gravity’s game Astronautical Arena!

Gravity: Final Build

Update for the week of 11/18 – 11/25 on Gravity’s game Astronautical Arena!

Gravity: Beta

Update for the week of 11/11 – 11/18 on Gravity’s game Astronautical Arena!

Gravity: Week of 11/4 – 11/11

Update for the week of 11/4-11/11 on Gravity’s game Astronautical Arena!

Gravity: Alpha

Alpha for Gravity’s game Astronautical Arena!

Group Project Design

Detailed Realistic Game Plan: Ultimately our game, Astronomical Arena, is setup so we can implement one a feature at a time and test it as we go.  This being said, for our game to have a core, we need to first implement the moving and combat aspects.  Our initial step will be to construct a […]

Group Pitch

Team Members and Roles: aa71 – Movement and Game Physics tzhang40 – Level Design and Interaction, Sound Effects jm46 – Ship Animations, Combat, Weapons Game Name: Astronomical Arena Game Concept: Two spacecrafts battle head-to-head in an outer-space arena filled with various weapon upgrades and planets that influence the tide of the battle. Fun Factor: Using […]

p4 jm46 – A Space Invader

You fly an alien spaceship across a foreign planet in search of intelligent beings, only to find out that its inhabitants want you dead!

jm46: Scared Chubby Monkey

You control a chubby monkey on the search for bananas located at the tops of the trees. To obtain the bananas you must jump about the map and scale the trees. Normally this would be an easy task for a monkey, however this one is scared of climbing trees!

jm46: Elf-Machine Jump Game P2

Move about the map by jumping on the various platforms! You can alter your form between a nimble ninja-like elf and a heavy machine. As an elf you’ll feel much lighter and can perform a double jump by pressing the jump key while in mid air. As a machine you’ll move much slower and fall […]

jm46: Balloon Man

Click anywhere in the sky to launch balloon man toward the target. If you press and hold the left mouse button, balloon man will start to suck in air enabling him to jump higher and float longer! Release the left mouse button to watch balloon man spring into the air toward his target location.