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AA71: Space Combat

A two player space fighter game!

The Angry Yeti

In angry yeti, you play the role of an aggressive yeti.  You have a fire, the only source of warmth that can be found in the region, but do not feel like sharing it.  Humans are constantly approaching your fire in the an attempt to get warm.  Normally, the yeti is in a slow moving, […]

AA71: Project 2

As the elf, you have the ability to double jump.  While in the air press the space bar again to use a second jump.  As the robot you can use your thrusters to slowly move you through the air.  Press the space bar while in the air to use the thrusters.    

aa71: Ball With User Guided Trajectory

Click and hold the mouse button to choose a target.  While holding the mouse button, the user can move the mouse to change the trajectory of the sphere.  A line appears on the ball to let the user know the direction of the trajectory.  Releasing the mouse button will fire the sphere.  The end target […]