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Week 4 (11/18/2013-11/25/2013) with Final Build

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Week 3 (11/11/2013-11/18/2013) with Beta Build

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Week 2 (11/4/2013 – 11/11/2013)

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Week 1 (10/28/2013 – 11/4/2013) with Alpha Build

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Karate Cricket Design Document

Game Document For Karate Crickets Game Concept Two crickets compete against each other to become the greatest martial artist of the land. The game will allow two players to play against each other or allow a player to play against an AI-controlled enemy. The game will focus on creating a fun experience through the aggression […]

Group Pitch

Team Members: magister nj50jl marquisaurelius   Game Name: Karate Cricket   Game Concept: Two crickets are competing against each other to become the greatest martial artist of the land.   Roles: magister – Submitter, Project Manager, Artist, and Assistant Programmer nj50jl – AI Programmer marquisaurelius – Lead Programmer, Sound Developer   Fun Factor: Being able […]

Magister – Monochrome

Monochrome : You play as two figures, Mono and Chrome, as they work together to return to their rightful worlds.

Scaredy cat meerkat

Oh no! It is almost night time and you have wandered away from your hole home. The crickets chirping in the distance only mean one thing…nocturnal predators! Hurry to your home and take shelter before the grueling predators come forth and say hi to you. My meerkat is nervous of the night. He is fidgety, […]

magister: Larry and Barry

Oh no, an obstacle course! But no fear, Larry and Barry are here! The two are mighty brothers who use their abilities to conquer any obstacle. Larry is faster and can jump much higher than Barry. Barry is heavy and pretends to be a  platform sometimes. Reach the end and hear a familiar voice (if […]

magister: rolling along for P1, Kirby style

Lead Kirby around and see him roll happily to your location.