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Space Battle

Space Battle is a space combat game, where the player pilots a small, one man fighter in a large-scale space battle. The player with the help of an allied fleet must inflict as much damage as possible on the enemy fleet while avoiding an overwhelming number of lasers from both friendly and hostile sources.

Kesrogaz P3

Your a shark use w to swim forward, and the mouse to change directions. Go forth and eat fish!

Kesrogaz P2

  Use left alt and left ctr to switch between the light, and heavy modes. Light mode moves faster, jumps higher, and is more floaty as it has less gravity. The light mode also has a double jump, and the ability to wall grab, and jump from walls.

Projectile Motion Ballpit

I used projectile motion equations to move the sphere to the proper location. When clicked the sphere is given the necessary x and y velocities to overcome the gravity value I set, and reach the peak of its trajectory right on the point clicked before falling back to the ground.