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nj50jl: p4 Dreamscape

You’re in a pleasant free-roaming dream among clouds that symbolize the things in life you enjoy. It turns into an fierce struggle with your inner fears (dark clouds). You must overcome these fears and exit the dream through a door on the other side.

nj50jl: Shark in a dream-like state

I thought of a dreamy state as something that seems out of place yet serene. So I made a shark in an open air environment traveling through clouds with sound effects to help facilitate the “dreaminess”.

nj50jl: P2 Beast vs. Insect

The demo showcases two different styles of movement for the avatar. The setting represents a jungle and the two forms of movements represent a form of a beast in the wild whereas the other represents an agile insect.

nj50jl: Parabolic Clockwise Motion for P1

The ball will follow a clockwise parabolic motion. An intermediate point is generated to create the parabola. The distance of this intermediate point is dependent on how long the user holds down the mouse button. The sound of a pebble dropping on water is heard upon clicking. Then the sound of a wine glass, followed […]