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Design Doc

Description: Player controls a Cuttlefish who has just had her tea party ruined by ingrateful guests, and has gone on a warpath to show them the error of their ways. Permanently. Player uses arrow keys to move the cuttlefish, and space to shoot out their ink/weapon. Additionally, there exists a rage meter that raises the […]

Project 4: Cuttlefish Revenge

For my game pitch I wanted to explore the idea of a morbidly adorable theme. The player is a cuttlefish who is on a rampage after having their tea party ruined by some other jerk fish.

Project 3: Scaredy Shark

Play as a tiny shark who is afraid of bubbles.

mbradley36: elf vs metal game feel

Play as a springy, energetic elf who effortlessly flips around the scene or a heavy, metallic brute who shoots sparks whenever he scrapes against the ground or walls.

mbradley36: jellyfish motion project 1

I thought it’d be fun to try to figure out a jellyfish-like motion and thought it’d be even better if it had a little hat. Click anywhere and the jellyfish will squish up and then float off to it’s new destination.