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Team Shadowstalker: Final Presentation Materials

This includes our presentation, video, and document.

Team Shadowstalker: Final Log

Shadowstalker’s report for the Final Week What was Planned: Our final week was planned to largely be a debug session for our game.  After having presented our playable build, we intended to fix any bugs, glitches, and refine the game for our final product. What was Accomplished: Our playable build has met all of our […]

Redemption of the Ninja (Final Build)

Team Shadowstalker’s Final Build: Redemption of the Ninja (Best played with current screen size!)

Redemption of the Ninja (Playtest Build)

Team Shadowstalker’s Final Build: Redemption of the Ninja

Shadowstalker Log (11/19/2012-11/25/2012)

Shadowstalker’s report for the Thanksgiving Week

Shadowstalker Log (11/12/2012-11/18/2012)

What was Planned: -Fixing and refining game aspects such as character movement, enemy AI, level design (Some parts are tedious/dull/unfair), and interactable objects. -Visual/audio polish What was Accomplished: -Primarily, this week the character movement has been more finetuned.  Knockback has been implemented, the wall-jumping is more intuitive, and the character feels more mobile and akin […]

Shadowstalker Log (11/5/2012-11/11/2012)

What was Planned: -Refining enemy AI -Creating more interactable objects -New level assets and a new level overall -Refining character movement and control. What was Accomplished: -More enemy variety is being planned and a potential enemy idea (Hammer-wielding enemy) is in development. -More interactable objects have been created and are being worked on.  These include […]

ShadowStalker alpha

Redemption of the Ninja: Alpha

Shadowstalker Log(10/29/2012 – 11/4/2012)

What was Planned: This week, we planned to work to accomplish our goals for the alpha.  This included: +Implementing a fully playable character. +Creating a level where the player must use the character’s abilities to reach the goal. +Integrating interactable objects for the level. +Implementing an enemy with some AI +Designating a win/lose state.  In […]

Shadowstalker Log (10/22/2012 – 10/28/2012)

What was Planned: This weekend was primarily for determining communication methods and uploading the code to a repository. What was Accomplished: The initial code from the prototype has now been imported into the local repository set up for CS4455 and initial coding has begun.  Communication information however, besides e-mails, have not been exchanged at this […]

Team Shadowstalker Design Doc

Team Shadowstalker’s Design Doc

Redemption of the Ninja

Team: Alexander Joos: Level Design Matt Lee: Character Design and management Ryan Mccaffrey: Interactable objects Tingyu Zhu: Enemy AI and design Shared Tasks: Audio and Visual effects. General Guide an an agile ninja through a large level consisting of various obstacles and enemies.  Attack enemies, wall-jump up steep walls, slide under low-hanging walls, and sprint […]