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Willie Owens

Escape the Death Chamber – Playtest Build

Play-test build available below:

StackOverflow :: Weekly Log (10/22 – 10/28)

The goals for the first week was to distribute the current project, plan out its design to completion, and begin setting up a collaborative work environment.

P3: Escape the Death Chamber

Maneuver a spaceship in all directions, brake, or speed up to make it out of the labyrinth alive.

WO’s game

See below. Also at: http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~wowens8/P2

Willie Owens P1 : Light/Heavy

See below. Also at: http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~wowens8/Unity_P1_light_heavy/WebPlayer.html

Worms 2

Real-Time Control —————– The primary mechanics of Worms include: – Walking – Jumping (forward/back) – Switching Weapons – Aiming – Firing/Using Weapon Certain weapons in Worms provide additional mechanics such as: – Ninja Rope : swinging, climbing, releasing – Super Sheep : turning, exploding Most of the game mechanics provide continuity of control. For instance, […]