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Personal Space Invaders Final Presentation

A Reflection on Decisions Past Space Escape by Personal Space Invaders David Garcia, Trevor Radcliffe, Westley Schrack When we planned to make Space Escape we envisions a fun top down shooter where the player must escape from the level by completing various objectives.  The two things we wanted in a game before I even began […]

Personal Space Invaders Weekly Log 11/26 – 12/2

Playtested the game, in response to feedback we added another spawn point, made the button in the final room more obvious and added an instructions screen.  Made the video for the presentation. To do for next week: make presentation.  All goals for final build were met, with the exception of the second type of enemy […]

Space Escape Final

Space Escape by Personal Space Invaders You have just stolen an important artifact from a factory on Mars.  Now the cops are after you, shoot your way to freedom and collect the key fragments to open the door at the end.  Good luck and try not to die. This is the final game but please […]

Space Escape Playtest

Final for Space Escape. Objective: Complete the two objectives given to you in the top left hand corner and escape the level Xbox Controllers are also supported RB or Left Alt is to shoot a bomb

Personal Space Invaders 11/19-11/25

GUI added, final objectives added. Game Over, Start and Win screens added.  Final game now complete.

Personal Space Invaders Weekly Log 11/12-11/18

Some level additions were made and a new type of enemy was added.  Some extraneous bugs were removed.

Personal Space Invaders Weekly Log 11/5 – 11/11

After demoing our alpha to the class we have decided to make a few modifications, the entire game will be one giant level composed of single screen subsections, each screen will have a varying objective.  Work has been made to fix pathfinding issues and enemy shooting issues. We hope to have a more polished game […]

SpaceEscape Alpha

Playable Alpha for Space Escape. Objective: Shoot the amount of enemies required and escape the level through the door on the other side of the level. Xbox Controllers are also supported RB is to shoot a bomb

Personal Space Invaders Weekly Log 10/29 – 11/4

The goal for this week was too implement all the features defined for the Alpha Build of the game.  AI was implemented in the game by using Aron Granberg’s A* Pathfinding library available in Unity.  A simple level was created for the player to move around in and fight enemies.  A simple GUI was added […]

Personal Space Invaders Weekly Log(Oct 22-28)

This week we formed our team, decided on an idea, made a pitch for the class, and wrote the design document.  The code from the prototype was also loaded onto the svn to give the other team members an idea of what needs to be done. Next week everything for the alpha goal must be […]

Design Doc

Design Document

Pitch Proposal

The members of our group: David Garcia – Creative Lead – Music and Sound Effects Trevor Radcliffe  – Lead Designer – Puzzle Guy Westley Schrack – Lead Programmer – UI Design   The Idea: – You have just stolen a rare artifact from a high security factory however you managed to set off the silent alarms. […]

P3: Escape from Mars

Escape from Mars: The player will control a small,nimble speeder that has stolen the rare Mars Treasure from the Galatic Federal Space Government. He is on the run but the Space Cops have managed to trap him in a crater. It’s them or you if you don’t escape you win or you die. The only […]

P2: Mr. Iron Man

WASD to move, Spacebar to Jump, 1 and 2 to turn on/off forcefield.

P1: Two Game Feels, Heavy and Light

The goal was to create 2 game feels. To move use WASD Press 1 for Earth and 2 for Moon Also available here http://dl.dropbox.com/u/16658829/P1/WebPlayer.html

Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2 Game Mechanics: Shoot a weapon Reloading Heal yourself/teammate Movement in a 3D space Rotate camera orientation by virtue of moving the player’s head. Melee Run Walk Jump Weapon Switch Projectile throwing Button holding to activate something   Real Time Control For all of the mechanics listed above all feel instantaneous while […]