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Final Presentation

Archon Final Presentation

This is post is intend to be a project wrap up for team Archon and a overview of the points we discussed in our final presentation. Contents: Part 1: What we were able to do Part 2: What we didn’t do Part 3: What we would change if we could do it all over again […]

Team Donkey- Final Presentation Notes

Hello! This is David Chi from Team Donkey providing a post-project summary and review.

Team Shadowstalker: Final Presentation Materials

This includes our presentation, video, and document.

Personal Space Invaders Final Presentation

A Reflection on Decisions Past Space Escape by Personal Space Invaders David Garcia, Trevor Radcliffe, Westley Schrack When we planned to make Space Escape we envisions a fun top down shooter where the player must escape from the level by completing various objectives.  The two things we wanted in a game before I even began […]

Acorn Ace Final Project Discussion

The development of “Acorn Ace” over the past few weeks has been a dynamic, yet fun and rewarding project. After many changes, iterations, and hours of work, we are proud of the game we’ve developed and are considering continuing work on it and publishing it on the App Store as a game for mobile phones […]

Final Presentation Stack Overflow : Escape the Death Chamber

Powerpoint Presentation Final Write-up Original Design Document