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Blog Week 2 – Team Locomorph

This week has seen good progress on our project, leading us well on the way toward alpha. The basic movement system is down, as is the AI system for the “viruses” that will destroy cells in our game world. We have a simple score-bar, and are making good progress on sound and graphics. Version control […]

Week 1 blog – Team Locomorph

This week has been a rocky start for our project. We’ve encountered a LOT of trouble setting up an SVN repository (apparently none of us have permission to access our group’s repository) so we’re considering the merits of other options. Nevertheless, we’re each making progress on our individual parts. The movement system is all but […]

Team Locomorph – Project Pitch – Disease Destroyer

Group Members and Responsibilities Johnathan Bieniek -Artificial Intelligence, Graphics Talia Knapp -Story building/metaphor, Graphics Ky Lee -Sound, environment design Ben Stewart -Physics, movement system Game Idea An infection has started destroying your body. The virus is eating away at your cells.  Soon you will be too far gone to have any chance of recovery. You […]

P3: Zero-G Arena

In the not-too-far future, political prisoners are sent to “The Overhang”: A space prison in orbit around Earth. Menial labor is their only lot, except for the chosen few. These “lucky” prisoners get a chance to win freedom: by fighting to the death in a zero-G, televised arena for the entertainment of the bloodthirsty masses. […]

P2: No-Man Goes to the Nether Realms

No description, so try to guess it! WASD to move and turn. The boxes are mysterious…. -Ben Stewart Play the game here: http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~bstewart8/P2/WebPlayer.html

Dingo Dave’s Earth and Space Adventure

Dingo Dave ate a burrito that was too spicy, then took a nap. This is what he saw. A and D to go back and forth, Space to make him start jumping. 1 and 2 to swap between the Moon and Earth. Here it is below. -Ben Stewart http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~bstewart8/P1/WebPlayer.html

Tribes: Ascend

Tribes: Ascend is a first-person shooter that focuses on fast-pased Capture the Flag games with an emphasis on speed and maneuver. Primary mechanics of Tribes: Ascend include: -Walking -Jumping (all directions) -Jetpack (all directions) -Skiing (negating friction between you and the ground) -Aiming -Firing/Using weapon -Speciality actions (such as placing a temporary item) Real-time control […]