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Anshul Bhatnagar

P3 : Spaceboy Avenges Mars Attack

Overview You are Spaceboy wearing a gravity-controlling  suit running through a tunnel after destroying the core of Mars trying to escape the resulting inferno which is chasing you to get out of the tunnel before running out of Oxygen in a 2D runner.

P2 : Possible to do opposite feels!

Try it out first and then check below if the 2 feels are palpable 🙂 Controls: Movement : WSAD Move Camera : Mouse Jump : Space

P1 : Creating 2 Feels

The Goal is to create 2 different feels. Try out the demo below with the following controls: A : Move Left S : Move Right Space : Jump 1 : Select world 1 2 : Select world 2


Fifa 12 by EA Sports, is the simulation of the world’s most popular sport — Football, or Soccer as it is known as in the US. The aim is simple, score more goals by putting the ball in the back of the opposition net while keeping the opponents out of your own goals. REAL TIME […]