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Tingyu Zhu


Game Description: You are a tiny alien from some a star and you just arrived Earth,  unfortunately, you look just the same as a dog treat on Earth, and to make things worse, you are locked in a puppy’s cage and the puppy is VERY interested in having her treat, so you need use your […]

P2: Snowman’s dreamy and joyful trip to wonderland

Control: W  to move forward, S to stop, A,D to turn around, Space bar to jump Enjoy! if the webplayer did not load up, the game can be played at: http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~tzhu7/CS4455/P2/

SnowWhite and IronMan

please play the game at: http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~tzhu7/CS4455/P1/ Control: A,D to move left right, Space to Jump press “1” “2” to toggle between the SnowWhite and the IronMan

Defense Of The Ancient (DOTA)

Real Time Control: There are eight types of mechanics in the Defense Of The Ancient (DOTA), including: • Selecting an unit • Moving selected unit • Attacking • Using an item • Casting a spell • Buying an item from base • Buying an item from secret shop • Selling an item Among all these […]