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Archon Final Presentation

This is post is intend to be a project wrap up for team Archon and a overview of the points we discussed in our final presentation. Contents: Part 1: What we were able to do Part 2: What we didn’t do Part 3: What we would change if we could do it all over again […]

Archon Weekly Log 11/26 – 12/03

This week showed a ton of refinement for Archon. Monday night had us preparing our play testing scene which brought in some polish and bug fixing. After Tuesday play testing, a large number of issues were brought to light and many substantial changes to combat, polish and game play were pursued until the final build. Game performance was greatly improved and […]

Archon Final Build

This the final build for Archon. Objective: Use your arsenal of mechanized warriors to defend yourself (the archon orb) from waves of enemy mechs. Survive all the waves or destroy an enemy fortress to achieve victory.

Playtest build for Archon

This is the playtest build for our playtesting on tuesday.  We addressed a few bugs and added a few visual cues based on input from players, but otherwise this is the build we playtested.

Archon Weekly Log 11/19 – 11/26

This week we finished targeting, animations, enemy AI, and additional GUI elements. Multiple bugs related to framerate, cursor, and camera issues were addressed. We are wrapping up the level for playtesting. Added GUI elements : Mech statuses and mini-cameras First person/ third person indicator Pause Screen Title/Start Screen Minion statuses

Archon’s weekly progress logs for 11/12-11/18

our focus this week was to turn our demo into an actual game, implementing fixes and enhancements related to the suggestions we received from our alpha demo as well as expanding functionality to fit our original game vision.

Archon weekly logs 11/5 – 11/12

This week was spent changing and updating our plans based on the feedback received for the Alpha version of Archon. Jaron has updated the GUI functionality to fix player and enemy status display, while John and Alex have updated and tweaked the architecture. Our thoughts for updates to the Alpha are as follows: Fixes: -moving […]

Archon Alpha

Embedded Webplayer Alpha build of Archon

Archon weekly logs 10/29 – 11/5

this week was spent in large part building the basic components that our game will be made from.

Archon Weekly Log 1(10/29/12)

For this first week, our main goal was to get the basic setup ready for our project to begin.

Archon Design Document

Project Design Document: Group Archon Members: Alex Clegg, John Turner, Jaron Gao The Game             Our game idea has changed slightly from the initial pitch. We believe that a change in scale from our initial idea was necessary, and some adjustments were made to account for this. Aside from that, the basic metaphor and player […]

Final Project Pitch Proposal

The members of our group Archon : John Turner – Mech and player control and design, BBG/enemy design and implementation, programming Alexander Clegg – level and minion design, BBG/enemy design and implementation, programming Jaron Gao – source control, asset acquisition, BBG/enemy design and implementation, programming Brief Game Description – The IDEA : -The apocalypse is […]