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Project one


Project 1

A, D for left right.  Space for Jump. 1 or 2 for light/heavy. http://zenpudding.com/otherUploads/Proj1.unity3d.html

Project 1

Two feels project

for my game i made two different avatars, one light and airy looking, and sounding, the other a big block o’rock.  to switch between avatars, click the mouse button.  i implemented a “charging jump” by holding the space bar you can increase the jump power up to a certain amount that differs between the two […]

P1 : Game Feel

Visible at: https://sites.google.com/site/programdiary1/ Arrow keys move, spacebar jumps, 1/2 toggles light/heavy gravity. Right click and choose Play Fullscreen!

Project 1: Same game, different feels

http://whoisdis.info/unity/project_1/WebPlayer/WebPlayer.html Use 1,2 to switch between moon and earth Use A to move left, D to move right, Spacebar to Jump  

P1: Heavy/ Light Feel Toy

Here is my Heavy/Light Feel Toy for project 1. Light mode is on the moon Heavy mode is on Earth in a cave. You can not change jumping vector while in Heavy, but you can in light. Left/Right keys move left and right, Space bar jumps, 1 and 2 change to Heavy and Light modes […]

P1: Moon Feel vs Earth Feel

My prototype can be found here: Instructions: Move with A,D, left or right arrows Jump with Space Hold Space to jump further Press 1 for Earth Mode, 2 for Moon Mode

John Coombs P1: Representing Game Feel

Movements: A: Left / D: Right — Space: Jump www.prism.gatech.edu/~jcoombs3/p1.html

P1: Game Feel on the Earth or Moon

You can move around using arrows or WAD and space. The link is: http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~awhite30/P1/WebPlayer.html

P1: Light and Heavy game feel

SnowWhite and IronMan

please play the game at: http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~tzhu7/CS4455/P1/ Control: A,D to move left right, Space to Jump press “1” “2” to toggle between the SnowWhite and the IronMan

Kyle Cianchette Project 1

pretty simple, for some reason there is a constant fuzz sound when it’s on the internet, I don’t get that on my unity player so I’m not sure how to fix it. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/30168270/p1.html

[P1] Light vs. Heavy

Controls: W to move left D to move right and [SPACE] to jump. Press 1 to toggle on light mode, 2 to toggle on heavy mode. Turn the volume up to hear the sounds. Note: You will need to press 1 or 2 before the character will move.

P1: The Argyle Gargoyle’s Adventures

http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~tknapp3/P1/WebPlayer.html WASD to move, Space to Jump, 1/2 keys to toggle game environment from light/heavy. Sound present on moon. Enjoy!

Moon/Earth: A Game by AJ Kolenc

Project 1: Two Game Feels

To see the project, please follow the link here.  

Dingo Dave’s Earth and Space Adventure

Dingo Dave ate a burrito that was too spicy, then took a nap. This is what he saw. A and D to go back and forth, Space to make him start jumping. 1 and 2 to swap between the Moon and Earth. Here it is below. -Ben Stewart http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~bstewart8/P1/WebPlayer.html

Project 1: Light vs. Heavy feel

These are the controls: Key 1: Light feel (default) Key 2: Heavy feel WASD or Arrow Keys: Move character Turn on computer volume for the sound effect.

Name of the Game is the Same…

Controls: A – move left D – move right space – jump 1 – light mode (moon jumping) 2 – heavy mode (earth jumping) The game is below and available here.

Project #1: Same Game, Two Feels

The web player for the game can be found here.

P1: Two Game Feels, Heavy and Light

The goal was to create 2 game feels. To move use WASD Press 1 for Earth and 2 for Moon Also available here http://dl.dropbox.com/u/16658829/P1/WebPlayer.html

Project 1 heavy and light game feel

Controls: left and right arrow keys: move left and right up arrow: Jump 1: heavy/earth mode 2: light/moon mode   Html File(copy paste this into browser): http://dl.dropbox.com/u/105475883/project%201/WebPlayer.html   Entire folder containing html file: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0q0o9juy4ve1fj1/Frnog0V-P1/project%201  

Project 1: Light and Heavy Feels

Controls:             “W” = jump “A” = left”            D” = right “1” & “2” = Switch between “Heavy” and “Light” modes Here is the link if the player is not loading correctly (here).

P1: Heavy/Floaty Game Feel Project

Controls: A – move left D – move right Spacebar – jump 1 – switch to heavy mode 2- switch to floaty mode This project includes sound but at a low volume level. If you have trouble hearing it, check your volume output settings.

P1 : Creating 2 Feels

The Goal is to create 2 different feels. Try out the demo below with the following controls: A : Move Left S : Move Right Space : Jump 1 : Select world 1 2 : Select world 2

Willie Owens P1 : Light/Heavy

See below. Also at: http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~wowens8/Unity_P1_light_heavy/WebPlayer.html

Two Different Game Feels

Controls: A = move left D = move right Space = jump The game is after the break. Also available here: http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~amead3/cs4455/P1/WebPlayer.html

P1 – 2 Styles, 1 Game

Orthogonal platformer toy. 2 styles of play: 1. Heavy, Powerful, Earth-like gravity 2. Light, Quick, Moon-like gravity To try out the game or see more about it, click more!

P1: Light/Heavy Platformer

WAD keys to move Space bar and W to jump 1,2 to toggle between playing in light gravity and strong gravity respectively. R to reset characters location to start location.

Earth physics and Moon physics

Use the A and D keys to move, and Space to jump. 1 is Earth physics mode, and 2 is Moon physics mode. The game can be played at http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~nwatson6/WebPlayer2.html

P1: Two different feels

Game can be found at the site below since I couldn’t get the unity plugin to load it. http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~ajoos3/P1.html

P1: Light/Heavy Feel Prototype

Controls: ‘1’ Light Mode       ‘2’ Heavy Mode ‘A’,’D’ or Arrow keys for movement ‘Space’ to jump (Try jumping into the bottom of a platform *wink*) More information can be found at http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~aclegg3/gameDesign.html

Float N’ Stomp

My submission for Project 1 can be found at the link below. http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~jbieniek3/FloatNStomp/WebPlayer.html

P1: Heavy on Earth, Light on Moon

This is my submission for the P1 Assignment.