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Boost Junkie Final Build

A Fast-paced 3D shooter. Destroy as many enemies as possible while surviving as long as you can!

Boost Junkie Playtest Build

Playtest build of our game.


In response to the comments that testers made while playing our Alpha build, we: -Implemented health bars for both the player and enemies as soon as we could because the most common complaint that we received was that players could not tell when they were being hit, how many times they had been hit, and […]

P3: Dream On, AA

A fast-paced action shooter in which the player is outnumbered and must destroy every last enemy while constantly moving in order to avoid being damaged.

Project 2: Guess the Adjectives

W/S = Forward/Backward A/D = turn left/turn right spacebar = jump Enjoy!  

Two Different Game Feels

Controls: A = move left D = move right Space = jump The game is after the break. Also available here: http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~amead3/cs4455/P1/WebPlayer.html


                Tera is an open-world, action MMORPG. Tera’s game mechanics include: looking around, running, jumping, using skills, and performing a situational action (talk, pick up item, etc.). The first three, looking around, running, and jumping clearly have real-time control. The game delivers responses to those actions in less than 100 ms, and there is a […]