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Assignment 1

Student Posts for Assignment 1

Zone of the Enders 2

Zone of the Enders 2 Game Mechanics: Attack Fly Boost Pick up items   Zone of the Enders 2 is a third person action mech game developed by Konami. It is noted for it’s fast and fluid controls.   Real-Time Control: Zone of the Enders 2 has a very fluid and responsive control system. Your […]

[A1] Bastion

Introduction Bastion is an 3rd person 2D isometric action video game produced by Supergiant Games. You get to control a hero named “the Kid” as he explores through a beautiful environment and fights against plethora of enemy creatures. This game is featured in numerous platforms. Real-Time Control Game Mechanics includes: Moving Attacking Jumping Rolling Blocking […]

[Assignment 1] Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

I believe that JK2 it exhibits all three characteristics required to label it as having game feel. The game can be played in either 3rd person or 1st person. While playing from a 1st person perspective probably gives a more intimate feel with the player, but I feel that if responsiveness is high, playing in […]

Portal (Original)

Portal (Original) Portal was developed and published by Valve Corporation and is currently playable on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Mac and Windows PCs through Steam. Mostly regarded as a first-person puzzle-platform game, the player’s aim is to use directly linked, in/out “portals” or in inter-spatial holes between two flat surfaces to solve a series […]

Assignment 1: Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 The mechanics of any fighting game will be similar to those included in the book’s analysis of Street Fighter II, but it can be noted that more recent fighting games include still more mechanics that either didn’t exists in SSFII or were not mentioned.  Blocking can probably be considered a […]

Assignment 1- Diablo 3

  Diablo III Well, this might be one of the most complicated games chosen. Diablo 3, according to Wikipedia, is a tactical action game that is played primarily using the mouse to direct the character with supplementary commands provided through the keyboard. In the game, the player has a character that they use to move around and interact […]

League of Legends

League of Legends Mechanics: The mechanics of league of legends allow for: Character movement omni-directional Full camera movement Use of character abilities Buying items Use of summoner abilities Recalling to base Real time controls: The real time controls are well done to say the least. You control your character from the third person and everything […]

Monday Night Combat

Individual Game Mechanics Looking Walking Shooting Running (certain classes) Diving (certain classes) Melee Special Attacks (different per character) Jumping (doesn’t cancel other movement or actions) Setting up/upgrading turrets Buying bots/items Real Time Control      The response time for the inputs for these mechanics feels instantaneous as it is below 100ms. Also the game definitely plays at […]

Guild Wars 2

Individual Game Mechanics: Looking Moving Jumping Swimming Dodging Switching Weapons Interact with World Guild Wars 2 is a recent massive multiplayer online game created by ArenaNet. For this exercise, we will assume that the selection of the character profession, customization of the skills, and cinematic narrative functions are not part of the actual game mechanics. […]


                Tera is an open-world, action MMORPG. Tera’s game mechanics include: looking around, running, jumping, using skills, and performing a situational action (talk, pick up item, etc.). The first three, looking around, running, and jumping clearly have real-time control. The game delivers responses to those actions in less than 100 ms, and there is a […]

Super Mario World

Super Mario World does a wonderful job of merging real-time control, spatial simulation, and polish. Mario is a classic due to it’s quick and engaging gameplay, well built levels, and memorable style. The primary mechanics of the game are: Walk Run Croutch Jump Fly Blimp Grab item Throw/Kick item Throw fireball For the majority of […]

Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 is a military shooter by DICE and published by Electronic Arts. Famous for its action-packed online multiplayer and vehicles, the game allows players to control the first-person avatar of a US or Russian soldier in large, detailed environments with many visual and auditory effects. Primary Mechanics Walking, Running, Crouching, Lying Prone, Jumping, Swimming, […]

Sonic Generations Game Feel Analysis

Game mechanics: Walk/run Jump Homing attack Stomp Sliding kick Dash Grind Spin dash Light speed dash Quickstep Crouch Wall jump Almost every action Sonic can perform offers real time control. With very few exceptions are his actions ever locked. Walking/running – controlled by the analog stick or the D-pad. Unlike most of his actions, Sonic’s […]

Darksiders 2

Reel Time Mechanics: in the game you can: light attack, heavy attack jump ride your horse talk to npc shoot grab object In Darksiders 2 there are several action mechanics, walking, riding, attacking, and jumping. Each of these movements can be altered based on a combination of presses between the actions button and another actions […]

Super Smash Brothers (Original)

Super Smash Brothers is a fighting/party game developed by Nintendo.  It lets the player play as a range of Nintendo characters and participate in fights with up to four other people.  The mechanics involve using attacks to hit other players and increase their damage percentage, which makes them fly farther when hit, and eventually try […]


Individual Game Mechanics Looking Walking (All directions) Sprinting (Direction you’re facing) Attacks (Melee weapons) Power Attacks (Melee weapons) Attacks (Bow and arrow) Blocking Casting Spells (Instantaneous) Casting Spells (Require a “charging” period) Jumping (Any direction) Crouching Interacting with Containers (Looting) Real Time Control      The response time for all of these mechanics feels instantaneous […]

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Real Time Controls Walking Running Swimming Jumping Hitting (With weapons) Shooting (Arrows & Spells) Blocking Spell Casting Picking Up Items Dropping Items Dragging items Looting Open Inventory Change Equipment Change Spell Roster Use Items Talk to NPCs Spell Crafting/Enchanting Shopping Lock-Picking (minigame) Persuading/Charming (minigame) Horse Riding Every Mechanic above allows for real time control. When […]


Fifa 12 by EA Sports, is the simulation of the world’s most popular sport — Football, or Soccer as it is known as in the US. The aim is simple, score more goals by putting the ball in the back of the opposition net while keeping the opponents out of your own goals. REAL TIME […]

Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain Heavy Rain is a game developed by Quantic Dream. It tells the story of the Origami Killer, from the perspective of four characters who are entwined in the killer’s wrongdoings. The game could be best classified as interactive fiction; the choices you make during the game affect the outcome, and there are no […]

Assignment 1 : Bioshock 2

 Bioshock 2 is a game that built on the FPS paradigm while including such elements as role-playing, mini-games, and a limited form strategic resource management (in terms of both ammo conservation and character and weapon power-up choice) to provide an exciting game play experience, with the added element of a uniquely designed and realized avatar […]

Tribes: Ascend

Tribes: Ascend is a first-person shooter that focuses on fast-pased Capture the Flag games with an emphasis on speed and maneuver. Primary mechanics of Tribes: Ascend include: -Walking -Jumping (all directions) -Jetpack (all directions) -Skiing (negating friction between you and the ground) -Aiming -Firing/Using weapon -Speciality actions (such as placing a temporary item) Real-time control […]

Dead Space

Dead Space Individual Game Mechanics Looking Moving Stomping Punching Crouching Shooting Switching Weapons Reloading Telekinesis Zero gravity Jumping Holographic HUD Real Time Control Dead Space is a single player third person shooter developed by EA. All of the mechanics give the impression of instantaneous reactions because the reaction of the mechanics is faster than the […]


Minecraft is a ‘retro’ graphics 1st – 3rd person Indie sandbox game developed by Markus Persson and Mojang AB starting in 2009 and continuing development through the present. Minecraft is essentially a game of digital Legos, allowing players to remove and place 3D cubes, or blocks, in a large environment grid with the goal of […]

Xenoblade Chronicles: Does it have Game Feel?

Xenoblade Chronicles is a Japanese Role Playing Game (JRPG) with an odd mixture of real-time and non-real-time controls combined with spatial simulation and huge amounts of polish. For the purposes of this analysis, I will discuss only the combat mechanics; the game has far too many mechanics to cover here. In addition, I will assume […]

Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2 Game Mechanics: Shoot a weapon Reloading Heal yourself/teammate Movement in a 3D space Rotate camera orientation by virtue of moving the player’s head. Melee Run Walk Jump Weapon Switch Projectile throwing Button holding to activate something   Real Time Control For all of the mechanics listed above all feel instantaneous while […]

Beat Hazard   Mechanics: Move (any direction) Fire (any direction) Super Bomb Ultra Beam Micro Missles Reflect Shield   For all of these mechanics, the response feels immediate. The animations for the special power-up attacks do not lock the player out of further action, so the continuous feedback loop is not broken—i.e. when the player […]

Fallout 3: A Game Feel Analysis

Fallout 3 does a very clean and efficient job of combining the three elements of game feel. Most of the game is played with first person mechanics which does an good job at supplying real time control and spacial awareness. Some of the mechanics are: Walk Run Sneak Jump Interaction with environment Grab Shoot/ Attack […]

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Real Time Control: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare has many game mechanics.  They are as follows Looking Leaning (left or right to see around a corner) Jogging Sprinting Crouch-walking Prone-crawling Jumping Holding breath (for sniping) Crosshair Shooting Hip Fire Shooting Reloading Switching weapons Knife Attack Throwing a grenade […]

Team Fortress 2

Individual Game Mechanics: Looking Moving Jumping Crouching Firing Switching Weapons Reloading Spectating Team Fortress 2 is a multiplayer first person shooter by Valve Software. We will assume for this exercise that the selection of the character class and team are not part of the actual game mechanics. We will focus on the gameplay once the […]

Dark Souls

Real Time Controls Running/walking Sprinting Attack/Power Attack/Backstab Block Parry Change weapons/items/spells Evasive moves such as Roll/Back step/Run and Jump Toggle between holding weapon with both hands and one hand Use item Rotate Camera Every mechanic in the game allows for real time control, but some actions are restricted based on the character’s state. Running/Walking: Controlled […]

Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

Mario Kart: Double Dash!! (GameCube system) I argue that Mario Kart: Double Dash!! has real-time control, polish effects, and is set in a simulated game space. Thus, it satisfies the definition of a game with good game feel as set forth in the text. Real-time control The mechanics for a two or more character race, […]

Worms 2

Real-Time Control —————– The primary mechanics of Worms include: – Walking – Jumping (forward/back) – Switching Weapons – Aiming – Firing/Using Weapon Certain weapons in Worms provide additional mechanics such as: – Ninja Rope : swinging, climbing, releasing – Super Sheep : turning, exploding Most of the game mechanics provide continuity of control. For instance, […]

Super Mario Sunshine

Real Time Control Mechanics: •    Running/Walking •    Jumping •    Lunging/Diving •    Ground pounding •    Spraying water •    Picking up items •    Throwing items •    Climbing •    Grabbing/Pulling Several of these mechanics can be combined to have different effects (ex. changing direction and jumping yields a side jump, water can be sprayed while running) Running/Walking: moving […]

A1: Shadowrun

Shadowrun Shadowrun is a first-person shooter that allows the player to use magic and techs during combat. The game was developed by FASA Studio, released in 2007, and is mainly a multiplayer Xbox Live game that can be played by both Xbox 360 and PC players. It also features a buying system which is greatly […]

Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow

Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow is the third and last Castlevania title released for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance (GBA).  Here, you play as the protagonist, Soma Cruz, a foreign exchange student who suddenly finds himself within Dracula’s Castle sealed in a solar eclipse.  With his mysterious power of dominance, Soma Cruz sets […]

Defense Of The Ancient (DOTA)

Real Time Control: There are eight types of mechanics in the Defense Of The Ancient (DOTA), including: • Selecting an unit • Moving selected unit • Attacking • Using an item • Casting a spell • Buying an item from base • Buying an item from secret shop • Selling an item Among all these […]

Halo: Combat Evolved and Game Feel

Real Time Control: There are several individual mechanics in Halo: Combat Evolved. They include: Walking Looking Jumping Switching Weapons Reloading Shooting Melee Attack Throwing a grenade Switching Grenades Turning on/off your flashlight Scoping in with your weapon Crouching In all these cases, there is always a continuity of control (response time to a button press […]