Final Projects Are Up!

It’s been a great semester, and the final game projects for each group are now posted.  Unlike previous semesters, the final project was 6 weeks from pitch to final demonstration, which is a very small amount of time to build a game prototype (when you consider this is only one of many classes everyone is taking).

To the students in the class, you should be proud of what you accomplished:  I feel that this is the best overall collection of games I’ve had in CS4455.  And we’ve had some very good games in the past, too.

To everyone else, please check out the prototypes and let us know what you think.  Their task was to build a fun-to-play good-feeling game that had at least 60 seconds of fun: small, evocative of where it “might go” and enjoyable.

There are 11 groups, and their final builds are available here:

 final game builds

Please leave comments if you feel like it, and enjoy!

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