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P3 – Echo

A safe-cracking puzzle game with nanobots and cool sounds!

The Nightmare – Project 2

Here is my P2 project. I chose to focus on the two adjectives of Dreamy and Sinister, so the two came together for the nightmare.

P1: Heavy/ Light Feel Toy

Here is my Heavy/Light Feel Toy for project 1. Light mode is on the moon Heavy mode is on Earth in a cave. You can not change jumping vector while in Heavy, but you can in light. Left/Right keys move left and right, Space bar jumps, 1 and 2 change to Heavy and Light modes […]

Fallout 3: A Game Feel Analysis

Fallout 3 does a very clean and efficient job of combining the three elements of game feel. Most of the game is played with first person mechanics which does an good job at supplying real time control and spacial awareness. Some of the mechanics are: Walk Run Sneak Jump Interaction with environment Grab Shoot/ Attack […]