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P3: Playing with Bombs

I changed game ideas from the Bowling game.   Overview: This game is based off the game Playing with Fire. Playing with fire is a 2D game that was largely inspired by Bomberman.

No Longer Using This Idea

**I changed my game idea to Playing with Bombs**   Overview: In this game the player bowls a ball down a lane at a target. The player decides how hard and at what angle to release the ball . Bowling Bonanza will play like a puzzle game.

Two Realities

move with wasd, jump with space, look around with the mouse.

P1: Light/Heavy Platformer

WAD keys to move Space bar and W to jump 1,2 to toggle between playing in light gravity and strong gravity respectively. R to reset characters location to start location.


Individual Game Mechanics Looking Walking (All directions) Sprinting (Direction you’re facing) Attacks (Melee weapons) Power Attacks (Melee weapons) Attacks (Bow and arrow) Blocking Casting Spells (Instantaneous) Casting Spells (Require a “charging” period) Jumping (Any direction) Crouching Interacting with Containers (Looting) Real Time Control      The response time for all of these mechanics feels instantaneous […]