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Acorn Ace: Group Pitch

Project Summary:
 In Acorn Ace, you control Ace, a private in the Squirrel Squadron, in his first mission in the war against the birds: parachute down the trees and bomb the resident birds. However, the mission literally snags at the beginning – Ace has a rough descent and his acorn bombs get stuck at the tops […]


Game Description In Birdfeeder, you play a squirrel who is extremely hungry for some bird seed before hibernation season begins.

John Coombs P2: Make something feel like this!

W; Forward S; Backward A,D; Turn Hold Space to Jump I tried to pick at least one adjective that not many people have tried/accomplished. I hope I did well. Guess which adjective of the two was the main factor. http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~jcoombs3/p2.html  

John Coombs P1: Representing Game Feel

Movements: A: Left / D: Right — Space: Jump www.prism.gatech.edu/~jcoombs3/p1.html

Guild Wars 2

Individual Game Mechanics: Looking Moving Jumping Swimming Dodging Switching Weapons Interact with World Guild Wars 2 is a recent massive multiplayer online game created by ArenaNet. For this exercise, we will assume that the selection of the character profession, customization of the skills, and cinematic narrative functions are not part of the actual game mechanics. […]