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Scintillation – Final Build

Mouse – Move Left shift – Temporary Invincibility (1 second) – Uses the blue energy bar   Dodge all the lights and defeat the boss at the end.  You can attack the boss by hitting him while invincible (Left shift).  Hit the boss 5 times to win.  If a light hits you, you will lose […]

Scintillation – Final Build

Playable below. Controls: Mouse – Move Left shift – Invincibility Dash

Weekly log 11/18-11/25

We are DONE.   We have completed the game and hit target, adding things like attacking the boss, a scoring system, a wide variety of powerups, and start/end screens.  We are very satisfied with how the game turned out, and are already competing amongst ourselves for high scores.   We have one bug that we […]

Weekly Log [11-5 to 11-11]

This week we focused on the addition of various power ups to our game.  We made it so that the player is invincible when they make a dash, putting down the framework for adding power ups that grant you invincibility for longer.  When they player is invincible, they have a shield around them that deflects […]

Scintillation Design Document – jollyCoop

  Andrew Darrohn Nicholas Watson Tan Pham   Game type: Bullet Hell Rhythm Game Objective: Survive the level and defeat the boss   Game Description: You are moving through the level and have flying light bullets being shot at you.  At the beginning, it appears that they are coming from nowhere, but you travel towards […]

P3 Description: Dancing Lights

Overview: Your character (probably a 3D shape of some sort, not a human character) moves freely around a two-dimentional field, dodging bullets that appear and move in accordance with a song that plays in the background. The field is almost completely dark by default, and only the immediate area around your character is visible. The […]

Dreamy, joyful platformer

  WASD to move, space to jump. Play the game below, or at this url: http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~nwatson6/WebPlayer3.html  

Earth physics and Moon physics

Use the A and D keys to move, and Space to jump. 1 is Earth physics mode, and 2 is Moon physics mode. The game can be played at http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~nwatson6/WebPlayer2.html

Super Smash Brothers (Original)

Super Smash Brothers is a fighting/party game developed by Nintendo.  It lets the player play as a range of Nintendo characters and participate in fights with up to four other people.  The mechanics involve using attacks to hit other players and increase their damage percentage, which makes them fly farther when hit, and eventually try […]