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October 2012

DROP TABLE *: Weekly Log 1

Weekly Log: 10/22 – 10/26 Accomplishments – Set up SVN Repository – Camera code – Basic player movement – Color changing/portals Unachieved Goals – Set up environment   Goals for Next Week – Level design: level 1 – Cube rotation/switches – Death – Win condition – Color power: red – Color power: blue – Color […]

Personal Space Invaders Weekly Log(Oct 22-28)

This week we formed our team, decided on an idea, made a pitch for the class, and wrote the design document.  The code from the prototype was also loaded onto the svn to give the other team members an idea of what needs to be done. Next week everything for the alpha goal must be […]

Design Doc

Design Document

Archon Weekly Log 1(10/29/12)

For this first week, our main goal was to get the basic setup ready for our project to begin.

Weekly Log: 10/22 – 10/28

This week, our tasks were simple, form the team, finalize a game idea, and divide up the work.  We managed to accomplish all of this during this week.  Our weekly Sunday meeting also went smoothly.  We began working this week’s project.  Those include the level and the bullet pattern, a basic GUI, and a better […]

Colored Spaghetti Game Log Week of 22nd-28th

We were unable to meet this weekend, but we are meeting today and plan on going over the different parts of what each of us are going to do. We have already started modelling each character, and are looking into what we can do to make it simple but effective. We have begun the making […]

SSS Weekly Log (Week 1)

We’ve compiled our team and are brainstorming ideas for what we want our game to be. All of us gravitated towards John’s squirrel mechanic prototype from Project 3, since it had a more definitive game feel and was implemented well. We are thinking of building a game around his mechanics. After discussing our strengths, we […]

Shadowstalker Log (10/22/2012 – 10/28/2012)

What was Planned: This weekend was primarily for determining communication methods and uploading the code to a repository. What was Accomplished: The initial code from the prototype has now been imported into the local repository set up for CS4455 and initial coding has begun.  Communication information however, besides e-mails, have not been exchanged at this […]

Team Donkey Weekly Update

This is a weekly update log of what Team Donkey has done for the week of 10/22/12.

Archon Design Document

Project Design Document: Group Archon Members: Alex Clegg, John Turner, Jaron Gao The Game             Our game idea has changed slightly from the initial pitch. We believe that a change in scale from our initial idea was necessary, and some adjustments were made to account for this. Aside from that, the basic metaphor and player […]

Stack Overflow Design Document – Escape the death chamber

Team Stack Overflow – Escape the Death Chamber Detailed Plan of Game In this game you are in a spaceship trying to escape your captors who are chasing you in their own spaceships. You will have to avoid many obstacles to reach the end of the level and you must do so before the escape […]

Prismatic: Design Document

Prismatic Design Document:

Scintillation Design Document – jollyCoop

  Andrew Darrohn Nicholas Watson Tan Pham   Game type: Bullet Hell Rhythm Game Objective: Survive the level and defeat the boss   Game Description: You are moving through the level and have flying light bullets being shot at you.  At the beginning, it appears that they are coming from nowhere, but you travel towards […]

Team Shadowstalker Design Doc

Team Shadowstalker’s Design Doc

Team Stack Overflow Game Pitch

Presentation Link: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1g_sPJNNEhHLpaW2TblEpf3LscSdM8J9mHCBouK0pkTM/edit?pli=1#slide=id.g301d3907_0_27 Game Name: Escape the Death Chamber Team Members/Assignments: Michael Zeitz (Polish Effects), Willie Owens (Avatar Control), DJ Aniakou (Level Design)

Redemption of the Ninja

Team: Alexander Joos: Level Design Matt Lee: Character Design and management Ryan Mccaffrey: Interactable objects Tingyu Zhu: Enemy AI and design Shared Tasks: Audio and Visual effects. General Guide an an agile ninja through a large level consisting of various obstacles and enemies.  Attack enemies, wall-jump up steep walls, slide under low-hanging walls, and sprint […]

Team Locomorph – Project Pitch – Disease Destroyer

Group Members and Responsibilities Johnathan Bieniek -Artificial Intelligence, Graphics Talia Knapp -Story building/metaphor, Graphics Ky Lee -Sound, environment design Ben Stewart -Physics, movement system Game Idea An infection has started destroying your body. The virus is eating away at your cells.  Soon you will be too far gone to have any chance of recovery. You […]

Final Project Pitch Proposal

The members of our group Archon : John Turner – Mech and player control and design, BBG/enemy design and implementation, programming Alexander Clegg – level and minion design, BBG/enemy design and implementation, programming Jaron Gao – source control, asset acquisition, BBG/enemy design and implementation, programming Brief Game Description – The IDEA : -The apocalypse is […]

Acorn Ace: Group Pitch

Project Summary:
 In Acorn Ace, you control Ace, a private in the Squirrel Squadron, in his first mission in the war against the birds: parachute down the trees and bomb the resident birds. However, the mission literally snags at the beginning – Ace has a rough descent and his acorn bombs get stuck at the tops […]

Pitch Proposal

The members of our group: David Garcia – Creative Lead – Music and Sound Effects Trevor Radcliffe  – Lead Designer – Puzzle Guy Westley Schrack – Lead Programmer – UI Design   The Idea: – You have just stolen a rare artifact from a high security factory however you managed to set off the silent alarms. […]

Prismatic: “DROP TABLE *

Group Members and Responsibilities Chris Moore – Level Design – Puzzle Mechanic Implementation – Particle Effects Josh Moore – Level Design – UI Design – Sound Effects AJ Kolenc – Level Design – Platforming Mechanic Implementation – Music Game Idea You are a being of light, attempting to restore color to a darkened land. To […]

Ghost Hunt: by Colored Spaghetti

Team:   Joshua Bolla:                      Art assets, Game UI Kyle Cianchette:               Player mechanics Alexander White:            Environment/enemy AI Ghost Hunt: Our game is a combination of a survival horror game and action adventure with a bit of mystery added in. The idea is that your team is trapped in an area and has no clue why. All […]

Final Project Pitch

The Mechanauts: Christopher Whittemore Aaron Mead Brenden Leonard

Team Donkey Pitch: Banana Surfing

Banana Surfing by Team Donkey Games

Scintillating Project Pitch

Team intro – pptx   Project Pitch Attached.

Ghost Race

Use A D spacebar to move, and 1,2,3,4 to change phases

P3: Defend Your Garden

Controls: WASD to move Spacebar to jump

Capture points prototype