Team Donkey Weekly Update

This is a weekly update log of what Team Donkey has done for the week of 10/22/12.

What was Planned

In our original project plans, for the first week we planned to handle the design and logistic information for the project. This includes planning out the game design details to get a game pitch and design document written (which will include the direction for the game and how the game is going to be made) and assigning group roles to our three team members. Also, other group logistics, such as swapping contact information, setting up avenues of communication, and successfully setting up the blog, were all planned to be completed. Finally, David was assigned to setup Unity version control.

What was Accomplished

All of our original tasks we planned were accomplished. We believed we delivered a successful game pitch and applied feedback from the pitch into our design document. We also discussed with the group as to how work should be divided and when everyone was busy (so we can work at an appropriate pace). Emails and cellphone numbers were swapped, and a private FaceBook group was created to allow for a more quick and constant stream of communication between members. The blog has also been setup now with the proper initial blog post and tags.

David has successfully set up a SVN repository using Google Code. The group agreed on using the Google Code repository, understanding the implications of their terms of use (open source), and we agreed that this should not be an issue. All members have since been able to successfully pull from the project and have learned the process of making commits using Unity.

Moving Forward

Next week, with the version control set up, we will be able to get more serious coding work accomplished on our project. This includes getting the core game mechanics solidified by either leveraging prototype assets or creating newer, stable code. Rudimentary scoring systems will have to be implemented, as well as new IO for the game (mostly the xbox 360 controller). With our design document created, we work according to the design document to stay on a timely release/delivery frame while also understanding the requirements and responsibilities of each team member. Ultimately, the planning we have done this first week will definitely help us in making the Alpha by creating a plan to rally around and work with.

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