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Final Presentation Stack Overflow : Escape the Death Chamber

Powerpoint Presentation Final Write-up Original Design Document

Stack Overflow Final Game: Escape the Death Chamber

Group: Stack Overflow Group Members: Michael Zeitz, Willie Owens, DJ Aniakou Game Title: Escape the Death Chamber   Controls: XBOX 360 Controller (This is the best way to play the game) Left Analog Stick: Movement A: Boost X: Brake Y: Restart Level Left/Right Trigger: Barrel Roll Left/Right Bumper: Turn Vertical Start: Go back to Title Screen […]

StackOverflow :: Weekly Log (11/12 – 11/18)

Goas: Refine flying controls and barrel-roll Add timer for door closing Start work on boost functionality Start working on level design that complements the game mechanics Results: Still working on some of the flying controls but they’re coming along Added timer for door closing First implementation of boost is complete Did some level design but […]

StackOverflow :: Weekly Log (10/29 – 11/4)

Goals: Layout a basic level with basic obstacles Layout a basic spaceship Implement closing door at end of level Implement flying mechanics/controls Hopefully get started on barrel-roll Results: Still working on level design Have a working spaceship with a few polish effects Door closes at end of level, but still need to work towards finding […]

Team Stack Overflow Game Pitch

Presentation Link: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1g_sPJNNEhHLpaW2TblEpf3LscSdM8J9mHCBouK0pkTM/edit?pli=1#slide=id.g301d3907_0_27 Game Name: Escape the Death Chamber Team Members/Assignments: Michael Zeitz (Polish Effects), Willie Owens (Avatar Control), DJ Aniakou (Level Design)

P3: Terror Slime

Background: You start the game off as a baby monster slime. You have just been born, and you are very hungry. You need to find certain items and ingest them to fuel yourself to bigger, better things.

P2: Bad Part of Town

Game Background: You are a capsule form of Duke Nukem. You are extremely arrogant and somehow manage to remain joyful even in a sinister environment. You’ve fallen into the Pit of Despair and there is no escape. Instructions: WASD / Arrow Keys : move around Space : jump Shift : run Mousewheel : zoom in/out Enjoy.

P1: Moon Feel vs Earth Feel

My prototype can be found here: Instructions: Move with A,D, left or right arrows Jump with Space Hold Space to jump further Press 1 for Earth Mode, 2 for Moon Mode

Monday Night Combat

Individual Game Mechanics Looking Walking Shooting Running (certain classes) Diving (certain classes) Melee Special Attacks (different per character) Jumping (doesn’t cancel other movement or actions) Setting up/upgrading turrets Buying bots/items Real Time Control      The response time for the inputs for these mechanics feels instantaneous as it is below 100ms. Also the game definitely plays at […]