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Game Name: Escape the Death Chamber

Team Members/Assignments: Michael Zeitz (Polish Effects), Willie Owens (Avatar Control), DJ Aniakou (Level Design)

Game Idea:

In this game you are in a spaceship trying to escape a bunch of other spaceships that are chasing you. You will have to avoid a bunch of obstacles to reach the end of the level before the escape doors close. Our game will incorporate different important mechanics that’ll need to be mastered to ensure success. You will be able to accelerate, which will build a boost meter. You can also brake slightly, which will drain your boost meter. If this boost meter gets filled to the max, you’ll be able to use it to launch your spaceship forward very quickly for a brief amount of time. Another very important mechanic is doing a barrel-roll. This will quickly spin your spaceship in some direction you tell it to.

There will also be some power-ups to pick up to help you survive the level. One power-up is  “Boost Fill”, which will immediately give you full boost. Another power-up is “Time Extension”, which will grant you a few more seconds to reach the end of the level before the escape doors close. Another sort of power-up is a “Boost Pad”, which works like a typical boost, but instead of filling your boost meter, it simply launches you forward immediately without affecting your boost meter in any way



The “fun” will come from the fast-paced, fun action of the game. It will be fun to try to collect power-ups and hit boost-pads to try to finish the level faster. It will also be fun to try and avoid hitting any obstacles while all of this is going on. The avatar control should be very fast, light, and responsive to ensure it is fun. We will also include fast-paced, fun music to go along with the rest of the game


“Aha Moment”:

The “Aha Moment” will come from mastering the barrel-roll mechanic. It will take a little bit of work to do properly, but once performed well, it will give the user a great feeling. One scenario that could generate this “Aha Moment” would be doing several quick barrel-rolls to avoid a series of zig-zagging obstacles. Another scenario could be hitting a boost pad that is placed very close behind an obstacle that’ll require you to barrel-roll immediately after passing the obstacle to hit.


Target Experience:

Our target experience for this game is fast, action-packed, light/responsive, futuristic/spacey, and on-the-run/desperate. We want the avatar control to grant the fast, light/responsive feel. The obstacles and power-ups will grant the action-packed atmosphere. We will have polish effects to support the futuristic/spacey feel. The on-the-run/desperate feel will come from the music and the countdown timer to the final doors closing and sealing your doom.

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