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Playtest build for Archon

This is the playtest build for our playtesting on tuesday.  We addressed a few bugs and added a few visual cues based on input from players, but otherwise this is the build we playtested.

Archon’s weekly progress logs for 11/12-11/18

our focus this week was to turn our demo into an actual game, implementing fixes and enhancements related to the suggestions we received from our alpha demo as well as expanding functionality to fit our original game vision.

Archon weekly logs 10/29 – 11/5

this week was spent in large part building the basic components that our game will be made from.

Final Project Pitch Proposal

The members of our group Archon : John Turner – Mech and player control and design, BBG/enemy design and implementation, programming Alexander Clegg – level and minion design, BBG/enemy design and implementation, programming Jaron Gao – source control, asset acquisition, BBG/enemy design and implementation, programming Brief Game Description – The IDEA : -The apocalypse is […]

Project 3 prototype : Cybernaut – Control the machines to control the future.

The setting for my game is the distant future, where humans have evolved beyond the need for bodies, existing as energy encased within basket-ball-sized glowing orbs capable of controlling whatever machinery they come in contact with through the myriad ports that cover their spherical bodies. And then the apocalypse happened.

Project 2 – a nice walk in the park…of hell

for my project the feels i chose were sinister and heroic, although arrogant probably fits in there too. along with WASD and space bar (charging jump) i implemented pressing shift for running and a flying ability, where the toon will maintain altitude if you right click the mouse button. if you right click briefly and […]

Two feels project

for my game i made two different avatars, one light and airy looking, and sounding, the other a big block o’rock.  to switch between avatars, click the mouse button.  i implemented a “charging jump” by holding the space bar you can increase the jump power up to a certain amount that differs between the two […]

Assignment 1 : Bioshock 2

 Bioshock 2 is a game that built on the FPS paradigm while including such elements as role-playing, mini-games, and a limited form strategic resource management (in terms of both ammo conservation and character and weapon power-up choice) to provide an exciting game play experience, with the added element of a uniquely designed and realized avatar […]