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August 2012

Resource Suggestions?

In a comment on the “welcome to cs4455” post on the blog, one student made a suggestion of the book: Unity 3.x Game Development Essentials, by Will Goldstone I haven’t used it, but I appreciate the suggestion!  If anyone else has suggestions for Unity resources, please comment on this post, so others can see the […]

Simple Test of Unity Plugin

The blog has a Unity + WordPress plugin, so after publishing a game for web deployment, you can put the resulting file (in this case, bots.unity3d) on your webserver and point the plugin at it.  Here, I use the following (put inside square brackets): WP_UnityObject src=”https://t-square.gatech.edu/access/content/group/82206.201208/blairTest/exampleP1-build.unity3d” width=”640″ height=”480″/

Welcome to CS 4455, Fall 2012

This semester, we will use this blog for the class.  See the links in the menu bar to find the Syllabus and Schedule, the assignments and projects, as well as policies on collaboration. During the semester, you will post your projects to this blog, to allow other students to comment on them.  You should create […]