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Weekly Log [10-29 to 11-4]

[P3] Powerball

Description: You play the role of one of the balls in a ball style lottery where only six balls are chosen. Desperately wanting to get out of the cramped ball chamber, your ball must make an escape and beat out all the other balls down do the bottom to be one of the chosen balls. […]

[P2] Heroic | Arrogant

Controls: WASD to move  and [SPACE] to jump. Turn the volume up to hear the sounds.

[P1] Light vs. Heavy

Controls: W to move left D to move right and [SPACE] to jump. Press 1 to toggle on light mode, 2 to toggle on heavy mode. Turn the volume up to hear the sounds. Note: You will need to press 1 or 2 before the character will move.

[Assignment 1] Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

I believe that JK2 it exhibits all three characteristics required to label it as having game feel. The game can be played in either 3rd person or 1st person. While playing from a 1st person perspective probably gives a more intimate feel with the player, but I feel that if responsiveness is high, playing in […]