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Mechanauts’ Boost Junkie Aplha

Playable Alpha for Boost Junkie. Objective: Survival and to destroy the enemies.

P3 Prototype: Jams

Game Description In Jams, you play a teen who is walking/running home from a long, boring day at school. Once on the street, he throws on headphones and starts to “Jam” to the beat. Unfortunately, this is a noisy city and these are not fancy noise-canceling headphones; in order for the player to arrive home […]

P2 – Something Doesn’t Feel Right…

For my submission of P2, I chose to focus on “Dreamy” and “Sinister” Controls again are: A (or left arrow key) – turn left D (right arrow key) – turn right W (up arrow key) – move forward S (down arrow key) – move backward space – jump The game is below and available here.

Name of the Game is the Same…

Controls: A – move left D – move right space – jump 1 – light mode (moon jumping) 2 – heavy mode (earth jumping) The game is below and available here.

Portal (Original)

Portal (Original) Portal was developed and published by Valve Corporation and is currently playable on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Mac and Windows PCs through Steam. Mostly regarded as a first-person puzzle-platform game, the player’s aim is to use directly linked, in/out “portals” or in inter-spatial holes between two flat surfaces to solve a series […]