StackOverflow – Final Log (11/26 – 12/2)

What was planned:

  • Refine power-ups / boost / barrel-roll as necessary
  • Refine level based on Playtesting feedback

What was done:

  • Power-ups now give indications when when collected
  • Boost and barrel rolls were left unchanged
  • Level design was improved/made harder with sideways pillars and other changes to the level design.

We added a few tweaks to our game based on feedback we received from the final Playtesting. Some of the tweaks include more visual feedback, ability to choose between inverted/non-inverted controls, easier to collect power-ups and better and harder level design. Overall, the game is now complete. We came really close to hitting our desired high-bar for the game. The ship controls and movements are to our liking and the power-ups added to the overall fun experience we were trying to convey. We’re very pleased with how the game turned out.


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