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Archon Final Presentation

This is post is intend to be a project wrap up for team Archon and a overview of the points we discussed in our final presentation. Contents: Part 1: What we were able to do Part 2: What we didn’t do Part 3: What we would change if we could do it all over again […]

Archon Weekly Log 11/26 – 12/03

This week showed a ton of refinement for Archon. Monday night had us preparing our play testing scene which brought in some polish and bug fixing. After Tuesday play testing, a large number of issues were brought to light and many substantial changes to combat, polish and game play were pursued until the final build. Game performance was greatly improved and […]

Archon Final Build

This the final build for Archon. Objective: Use your arsenal of mechanized warriors to defend yourself (the archon orb) from waves of enemy mechs. Survive all the waves or destroy an enemy fortress to achieve victory.

Archon Weekly Log 1(10/29/12)

For this first week, our main goal was to get the basic setup ready for our project to begin.

Archon Design Document

Project Design Document: Group Archon Members: Alex Clegg, John Turner, Jaron Gao The Game             Our game idea has changed slightly from the initial pitch. We believe that a change in scale from our initial idea was necessary, and some adjustments were made to account for this. Aside from that, the basic metaphor and player […]

Cybernetic Arena Combat

In the year 2550, with recent advances in cerebral interfacing technology (and declining moral standards), violent arena style competition has quickly become a multi-billion dollar corporate cash cow: pitting skilled combatants linked into deadly machines against one another in pursuit of fame, money and glory.

Night of the Living PEZ!

Welcome to your worst nightmare: the Crazy Pumpkin PEZ Dispenser has come to life, and this time, it’s out for blood. Controls: ASWD to move, space to jump, left ctrl to taunt, and hold left mouse click to lock camera location and control direction.  

P1: Light/Heavy Feel Prototype

Controls: ‘1’ Light Mode       ‘2’ Heavy Mode ‘A’,’D’ or Arrow keys for movement ‘Space’ to jump (Try jumping into the bottom of a platform *wink*) More information can be found at http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~aclegg3/gameDesign.html


Minecraft is a ‘retro’ graphics 1st – 3rd person Indie sandbox game developed by Markus Persson and Mojang AB starting in 2009 and continuing development through the present. Minecraft is essentially a game of digital Legos, allowing players to remove and place 3D cubes, or blocks, in a large environment grid with the goal of […]