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Scintillation – Alpha Post

The game. Computers with a non-dedicated video card may experience issues.

Weekly Log: 10/22 – 10/28

This week, our tasks were simple, form the team, finalize a game idea, and divide up the work.  We managed to accomplish all of this during this week.  Our weekly Sunday meeting also went smoothly.  We began working this week’s project.  Those include the level and the bullet pattern, a basic GUI, and a better […]

Scintillating Project Pitch

Team intro – pptx   Project Pitch Attached.

P3: NPC Life, Representin’

The Game You play as an “NPC” who gives a quest to a group of adventurers. As part of this quest you end up joining them. In their group, you play as a Support type character, with the ability to cast heals, buffs, shields, etc. The one thing you can’t do is deal large amounts […]

P2 – 3D Game Feels

3D Game Feel – Dreamy & Sinister Cubes everywhere!  Trying touching some of them, or launch yourself at them.  Then visit the other two layers!  From the first area, there are two doorways.  Enter the glittering one to go towards the clouds!  Enter the fiery side to pick up more power for your rocket!  Go back […]

P1 – 2 Styles, 1 Game

Orthogonal platformer toy. 2 styles of play: 1. Heavy, Powerful, Earth-like gravity 2. Light, Quick, Moon-like gravity To try out the game or see more about it, click more!

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Real Time Controls Walking Running Swimming Jumping Hitting (With weapons) Shooting (Arrows & Spells) Blocking Spell Casting Picking Up Items Dropping Items Dragging items Looting Open Inventory Change Equipment Change Spell Roster Use Items Talk to NPCs Spell Crafting/Enchanting Shopping Lock-Picking (minigame) Persuading/Charming (minigame) Horse Riding Every Mechanic above allows for real time control. When […]