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P3 Prototype: Kitteh Smash!

A game where you play a cat knocking things over and collecting food. Controls: A–Left B–Right E–Push Q–Create new box to knock over R–Create new treat

P3: Kitteh Smash!

Description:   You are a cat hell bent on destruction. You have a house full of surfaces covered in objects waiting to be knocked over and destroyed, but look out, the pesky dog will stop at nothing to put an end to your reign of terror. A cat can only take so much harassment before […]

P3: A Puzzling Love Story

Description:   You are now a little blue ball who has found a beautiful little pink ball that you wish to woo. She will tell you what makes her happy, and you have to make it happen to win her heart. However, to complicate matters, pink balls don’t know the meaning of “straightforward” and almost […]

P2; Cube Slayer

Controls: A and D turn, W and S are forward/backward movement.  Space is jump. Note: the sounds, at least on my machine, were oddly quiet, but they are there.  

P1: Light and Heavy game feel

Beat Hazard   Mechanics: Move (any direction) Fire (any direction) Super Bomb Ultra Beam Micro Missles Reflect Shield   For all of these mechanics, the response feels immediate. The animations for the special power-up attacks do not lock the player out of further action, so the continuous feedback loop is not broken—i.e. when the player […]