Please think through your control schemes for the Web Player context!

I’ve run into a few proposed control schemes that really won’t work well in a web player, where the game is not played full screen.

In particular, if you are using the mouse as a directional control (e.g., my avatar is running around, and the mouse controls the direction they shoot), you shouldn’t use the mouse as your shoot button: the player will almost immediately move the mouse outside of the web player screen space, and will then select a different window when they click! If you are using the mouse for targeting (I shoot where I’m pointing) that is better, but then PLEASE make sure you structure your game so the player never ever wants to shoot near the edge of the game window!!

Similarly, do NOT use the secondary button for anything; that pops up the Unity web player menu.

2 Responses to “Please think through your control schemes for the Web Player context!”

  1. john turner says:

    heh might also want to add that folks might want to think twice before using the center button, since often mac mice don’t have those.

  2. aclegg3 says:

    As a nice side note, you can lock and hide the mouse inside Unity using the following setting:

    Screen.lockCursor = true;
    Screen.showCursor = false;

    You can then use a key press, say ‘esc’ to trigger

    Screen.lockCursor = false;
    Screen.showCursor = true;

    which will allow the user to move the cursor around the page again. Hopefully this helps some people wanting to use the mouse.