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Archon Weekly Log 11/19 – 11/26

This week we finished targeting, animations, enemy AI, and additional GUI elements. Multiple bugs related to framerate, cursor, and camera issues were addressed. We are wrapping up the level for playtesting. Added GUI elements : Mech statuses and mini-cameras First person/ third person indicator Pause Screen Title/Start Screen Minion statuses

Archon weekly logs 11/5 – 11/12

This week was spent changing and updating our plans based on the feedback received for the Alpha version of Archon. Jaron has updated the GUI functionality to fix player and enemy status display, while John and Alex have updated and tweaked the architecture. Our thoughts for updates to the Alpha are as follows: Fixes: -moving […]

Archon Alpha

Embedded Webplayer Alpha build of Archon


In the year 3456, there is only one known and loved sport in the world – the ancient game of CHE-CHA. You are a professional CHE-CHA player, and you must fight, burn, freeze, electrocute, dissolve, poison, explode and entertain your way to become the very best in the 765th INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE OF CHEMICAL CHAOS.

Project 2: Sinister & Seductive

http://whoisdis.info/unity/project_1/WebPlayer/WebPlayer.html Use WASD to move, spacebar to jump. Mouse controls the camera.  

Project 1: Same game, different feels

http://whoisdis.info/unity/project_1/WebPlayer/WebPlayer.html Use 1,2 to switch between moon and earth Use A to move left, D to move right, Spacebar to Jump  

Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 is a military shooter by DICE and published by Electronic Arts. Famous for its action-packed online multiplayer and vehicles, the game allows players to control the first-person avatar of a US or Russian soldier in large, detailed environments with many visual and auditory effects. Primary Mechanics Walking, Running, Crouching, Lying Prone, Jumping, Swimming, […]