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September 2012

P2: Two Different Feels

WASD to move Space to Jump http://zenpudding.com/otherUploads/P2.html Feels: Dreamy, Joyful    

Project 2 – a nice walk in the park…of hell

for my project the feels i chose were sinister and heroic, although arrogant probably fits in there too. along with WASD and space bar (charging jump) i implemented pressing shift for running and a flying ability, where the toon will maintain altitude if you right click the mouse button. if you right click briefly and […]

P2; Cube Slayer

Controls: A and D turn, W and S are forward/backward movement.  Space is jump. Note: the sounds, at least on my machine, were oddly quiet, but they are there.  

P2 – Something Doesn’t Feel Right…

For my submission of P2, I chose to focus on “Dreamy” and “Sinister” Controls again are: A (or left arrow key) – turn left D (right arrow key) – turn right W (up arrow key) – move forward S (down arrow key) – move backward space – jump The game is below and available here.

Two Themes, One Game: Cloud Elemental

In this small game, you play as a Cloud Elemental. You must jump around to various clouds to brighten the sky and stop rain from falling.

John Coombs P2: Make something feel like this!

W; Forward S; Backward A,D; Turn Hold Space to Jump I tried to pick at least one adjective that not many people have tried/accomplished. I hope I did well. Guess which adjective of the two was the main factor. http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~jcoombs3/p2.html  

P2- Epic box

Use WASD to move http://dl.dropbox.com/u/30168270/WebPlayer.html

Project 2: Guess the Adjectives

W/S = Forward/Backward A/D = turn left/turn right spacebar = jump Enjoy!  

Two Realities

move with wasd, jump with space, look around with the mouse.

The Nightmare – Project 2

Here is my P2 project. I chose to focus on the two adjectives of Dreamy and Sinister, so the two came together for the nightmare.

P2 Rolling over the dark

control with wasd  and space is jump. https://sites.google.com/site/project21987/   jump on or very near the blocks to destroy them.   Emotions are heroic and excited.  

Project 2: Opposite but Similar