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P3: Space Fugitive

Game Description: The player will control a fugitive who has stolen a spaceship and is trying to fight off the Galactic Police. The player will control a spaceship in a top-down two dimensional space. The player will have two choices of spaceship: a small, fast ship with little firepower, or a large, slow ship with […]

P2: Dreamy and Sinister

Game can be played at the site below. http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~ajoos3/P2.html   WASD to move, mouse to rotate left/right, and spacebar to jump. I chose dreamy and sinister to create a nightmarish feel.

P1: Two different feels

Game can be found at the site below since I couldn’t get the unity plugin to load it. http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~ajoos3/P1.html

Dark Souls

Real Time Controls Running/walking Sprinting Attack/Power Attack/Backstab Block Parry Change weapons/items/spells Evasive moves such as Roll/Back step/Run and Jump Toggle between holding weapon with both hands and one hand Use item Rotate Camera Every mechanic in the game allows for real time control, but some actions are restricted based on the character’s state. Running/Walking: Controlled […]