Final Project Pitch Proposal

The members of our group Archon :

John Turner – Mech and player control and design, BBG/enemy design and implementation, programming

Alexander Clegg – level and minion design, BBG/enemy design and implementation, programming

Jaron Gao – source control, asset acquisition, BBG/enemy design and implementation, programming

Brief Game Description – The IDEA :

-The apocalypse is old news. You’re a prototypical post human – pure intellect housed inside of a glowy ball intent upon spending the millenia in silent contemplation. Invaders from Elsewhere have other plans for you, though, so you need to fight off their champion or face extinction. You need to find, repair and take control of ancient Mechs from humanity’s barbaric past to prepare for the arrival of the Invaders’ Big Bad-Guy, who you can see heading toward you from the horizon. Can you master each mech’s differing strategic capabilities while fighting off the enemy’s onslaught in time to face the BBG and destroy him?

Where is the fun? :

–the change of gameplay styles – the initial race to find and control mechs changes to the strategic element of laying out defenses while killing swarming weak but numerous enemies, which changes to the full-on combat against the enemy mechs and BBG himself.

–the change of control feels and perspectives – controlling each mech is going to be a different experience. tank is slow, sluggish, driving-style motion, spider is lumbering, faster and more agile than tank but still more like a vehicle in its response to input, demon bot is very fast, agile and responsive and can fly. each mech can be controlled via 1st person or 3rd person perspective, although the minions are limited to 1st person perspective.

–the speed of the action and the balancing of attention between the immediate threat (kill the currently attacking mobs) and the pending threat (prepare for the next guys who are going to be even tougher than who is attacking now).

–the sense of doom – the BBG is always visible, slowly moving toward the player. maybe even have the BBG fire an occasional long range, poorly aimed shot toward the player, not to do any damage but more to serve as a reminder that he’s on his way.

Target Experience :

–Twitch-excitement – the player needs to shoot a lot of stuff almost non-stop.
–Overwhelming odds – the player is hugely outnumbered by powerful enemies.
–Time is running out! – the player needs to make immediate decisions that have drastic consequences impacting his survival
–Expertise is Key – the player needs to learn elements of the game system to excel at the game, providing increased replay value.
–Co-op to Deathmatch – the multiplayer experience evolves from coop, where 2 players work together to fight the Big Bad Guy until he’s dead, at which time they turn on each other.

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