Team Locomorph – Project Pitch – Disease Destroyer

Group Members and Responsibilities

Johnathan Bieniek
-Artificial Intelligence, Graphics

Talia Knapp
-Story building/metaphor, Graphics

Ky Lee
-Sound, environment design

Ben Stewart
-Physics, movement system

Game Idea

An infection has started destroying your body. The virus is eating away at your cells.  Soon you will be too far gone to have any chance of recovery. You have to stop the progression of the disease. Take command of a powerful antibody and hunt down the viruses. Destroy them without causing too much damage to yourself before your cell count becomes fatally low.

The player must navigate through the cells of the body to reach the viruses. The player cannot move through the body’s cells, so the player must carefully destroy a path through them to reach the viruses. The viruses will roam and constantly destroy body cells. If the body’s cell count becomes too low, the player will lose!

Fun Moments

-Smoothly gliding through the environment
-Skillfully taking aim at enemies
-Managing movement and preservation of the environment
-Clearing a path without destroying cells

Target Experience

-Sense of urgency
-Sense of gliding through space
-Challenge of accuracy

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