Ghost Hunt: by Colored Spaghetti

Team:   Joshua Bolla:                      Art assets, Game UI

Kyle Cianchette:               Player mechanics

Alexander White:            Environment/enemy AI

Ghost Hunt: Our game is a combination of a survival horror game and action adventure with a bit of mystery added in. The idea is that your team is trapped in an area and has no clue why. All your team knows is that you have been trapped there by a ghost, so you are trying to figure out how to elude its traps, figure out why it took you prisoner, defeat it and its minions, and escape with your lives.

Design: The player will control four different characters, one at a time. Each character will have a different feel to it and different abilities. For example, one character will be large, slow, and strong, while another character will be much faster, but will have fewer hit points and likely be much weaker than the big guy.

The player will have to use the different characters to solve the puzzles to unlock special powers to help them fight off enemies, solve future puzzles, and defeat their captor. The puzzles are not intended to be particularly difficult, as they are just a means to gaining power, so they will be relatively quick, along the lines of “the Legend of Zelda: Four Swords” difficulty.

Fun stuff:       The fun in the game shifts from enduring a survival horror environment to becoming a bit of an action hero. As the game progresses and you unlock clues behind your capture, your team will become more powerful, unlocking special abilities to help them fight enemies and defeat the final boss. As an example, the final ability of the psychic character might be something along the lines of an astral projectile attack, while the small and fast character might get a quick “Sonic the Hedgehog” style dash attack.

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