Prismatic: “DROP TABLE *

Group Members and Responsibilities

Chris Moore

– Level Design
– Puzzle Mechanic Implementation
– Particle Effects

Josh Moore

– Level Design
– UI Design
– Sound Effects

AJ Kolenc

– Level Design
– Platforming Mechanic Implementation
– Music

Game Idea

You are a being of light, attempting to restore color to a darkened land. To this end, you must find your way into the center of a cube, collecting pieces of color along the way by navigating the faces of the cube. In order to reach your goal, you must change color to utilize the different-colored surfaces throughout the level; but, sometimes in order to do this, you must rotate slices of the cube.

Aha! and Fun Moments

– Figuring out the puzzle
– Turning the cube for the first time
– Discovering your powers
– Getting to the center of the cube
– Visual Effects

Target Experience

– Enlightenment
– Clever
– Skillful
– Challenged
– Loneliness
– Wonder

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