Pitch Proposal

The members of our group:

David Garcia
– Creative Lead
– Music and Sound Effects

Trevor Radcliffe 
– Lead Designer
– Puzzle Guy

Westley Schrack
– Lead Programmer
– UI Design


The Idea:
– You have just stolen a rare artifact from a high security factory however you managed to set off the silent alarms.  Shoot your way through the guards and the factory rooms and to freedom.  Each room is locked in a different manner and it’s up to you to find out the way to unlock it.  Escape with your life and the prize or die trying.

The “fun” moment:
-Using one of your bombs to clear out a room full of enemies
-Finishing the objective of the level and moving to the next one

The target experience:
-The experience is largely a casual one, this won’t be an incredibly difficult game and the concept is easy enough for almost anyone to understand.  A game that is short but has a large payoff in the end when you escape.

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